14" Pot Spoon



14" Pot Spoon

Go easily into corners of sautoirs and other pots with the Masters Collection® Wooden Pot Spoon. The Certified Master Chefs at The Culinary Institute of America prefer its pointed edge for sautéing and deglazing. The 14" length reaches inside large stockpots. Since wood doesn't conduct heat, it’s a great choice for stirring simmering soups and broths as well as hot, bubbling sauces and gravies. The professional-quality solid maple construction is exceptionally durable and the extremely smooth finish gives this spoon a soft, comfortable feel. Safe for all cookware, including nonstick.

Material: Solid maple wood

Size: 14"

Cleaning: Hand washing recommended

Warranty: Lifetime


  • Professional quality solid maple for exceptional durability
  • Exceptionally smooth finish provides a soft, comfortable grip
  • Wood doesn't transfer heat and is safe for all surfaces
  • Shape is designed to fit into corners of sautoirs and other straight-sided pans
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All product sales benefit The Culinary Institute of America Scholarship Fund


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