14" Stirring Spoon



14" Stirring Spoon

Wood performs wonders when it comes to stirring soups, hot bubbling sauces and gravies and is a favorite with the chefs at The Culinary Institute of America. The 14” length of the Masters Collection® Wooden Stirring Spoon reaches inside large stock pots. Since wood doesn't conduct heat, it's perfect for stirring hot foods, as well as mixing cake and cookie batters. The professional-quality solid maple construction is exceptionally durable, and the extremely smooth finish is soft and gentle to the touch. Safe for all cookware, including nonstick.

Material: Solid maple wood

Size: 14"

Cleaning: Hand washing recommended

Warranty: Lifetime


  • Professional quality solid maple for exceptional durability
  • Exceptionally smooth finish provides a soft, comfortable grip
  • Wood doesn't transfer heat and is safe for all surfaces
  • Classic shape is perfect for stirring and mixing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All product sales benefit The Culinary Institute of America Scholarship Fund


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