14" Wooden Stirring Spatula


14" Stirring Spatula

This tool from the Masters Collection® sure knows how to multi-task! Use it for stirring, mixing, scraping, and even tranferring cooked foods. Crafted from premium maple wood, the Stirring Spatula resists staining, won’t scratch or mar stainless or nonstick surfaces, is exceptionally durable, and has a soft comfortable feel. The 14” length makes it easy to maneuver in deep stockpots and bowls, and the flat edge is perfect for deglazing fond while making gravies and sauces. Safe for all cookware, including nonstick.

Material: Solid maple wood

Size: 14"

Cleaning: Hand washing recommended

Warranty: Lifetime


  • Professional quality solid maple for exceptional durability
  • Exceptionally smooth finish provides a soft, comfortable grip
  • Wood doesn't transfer heat and is safe for all surfaces
  • Shape is designed for stirring as well as transferring cooked food, and the flat edge is perfect for scraping pans
  • Long handle makes it easy to reach into large pots
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All product sales benefit The Culinary Institute of America Scholarship Fund


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