Class Styles


Our award winning hands-on classes will give you the opportunity to work with your hands to prepare a complete meal. Working closely with the chef and using the finest professional appliances, cookware and cutlery, you and a small group of classmates learn cooking techniques by preparing the menu.

Each class concludes with a review of the techniques with the chef, while enjoying a full meal of the menu prepared in the class along with a beverage.
An apron will be provided for use in class.
Personal recipes packets are provided for students to take home.


“Friends and Family” Hands-On 

This is a special variation of our award winning hands-on classes that is specifically tailored to “the new normal.”
In the interest of the well-being of our guests and staff, you and your party will have your own workstation.
Working with the chef and using the finest professional appliances, cookware, and cutlery, your group will learn hands-on cooking techniques by preparing the complete menu.
Once cooking is complete, you will move to our dining area where your group will have your own dining table. There you can relax and enjoy the meal you just created. Personal recipes packets will be provided for students to take home.
The “Friends and Family” Hands-On classes are limited to four persons at each workstation.
Each station is separated by partitions to keep your party socially distant from other guests.
Facial coverings will be required except during seated dining.
Gloves and sanitizers will be provided.


Cooking from Home - Virtual Cooking Classes

From the comfort of your own kitchen, join the Auburn Watson chefs who are changing what it means to create a home-cooked meal!
With our live interactive online cooking class, you can prepare an amazing meal through an interactive, live-streaming virtual platform taught by experienced chefs.
Before the class, you will receive a shopping list and the recipes. During the class, there will be step-by-step coaching along with chef cooking tips – and you can ask all the questions you want, including how to add your own personal flare to the delicious dishes. At the end of the class you will have a delicious meal ready to enjoy.


Chef's Table

The Chef's Table provides the opportunity for a truly unique culinary experience. Small class size provides the opportunity work alongside the area's top chefs for an intimate hands-on culinary experience. Once the meal has been prepared, you and the chef will be served by our staff in our dining room. Fine beverages will be served with each course.
The class concludes with you and the chef enjoying a full course meal served to you in our dining room.
Personal recipes packets are provided for students to take home.